Top 10 Maid of Honor Duties


Mar 31, 2022

Having the role of the Maid of Honor is such a special honor and we know you want to make sure you do everything a Maid of Honor is supposed to do, we know you're probably putting a lot of pressure on yourself to be the best Maid of Honor ever, we know you want to make sure you're bride has the most perfect wedding, we know you're probably wondering where to start and how to help. That's why we created a list of the top 10 Maid of Honor duties for you to focus on to help both you and the bride {hopefully} relax a little!

1) Bachelorette Planner

Take the stress off the bride with this one! Do your research and find some neat places to go, this is a fun one!

2) Bridesmaid Liaison 

The last thing you want is the bride to be overwhelmed by her bridesmaids. If you know a certain bridesmaid is forgetful, make sure to send lots of reminders and a detailed list of things she’s needs for the wedding!

3) Project Helper

Anything DIY help as much as you can! If you aren’t crafty, offer to go get the materials with the bride and help her make decisions if she can’t decide.

4) Listener

This is a BIG one!! If there’s family drama, just listen. If the bride is stressed, just listen. If the bride is concerned about something, just listen. Listening and learning what the bride wants and needs will help you on the day of the wedding make sure the day is perfect!

5) Dance floor enthusiast

Probably the easiest one for some of us! GET THE PARTY STARTED!! As the Maid of Honor it’s your job to get the rest of the wedding party and Bride+Groom on the dance floor!

6) Hydrator

Whether it’s coffee, water, or alcohol make sure the bride never has to stand in line on her wedding day! (I would suggest the order goes like this coffee, water, alcohol, more water;))

7) Personal Stylist

Easier said than done I know but try your best to keep on eye on the brides makeup, hair, dress, shoes, etc. if anything looks out of sorts, fix it! We want to make sure she looks fabulous the whole night!

8) Speaker

Don’t forget to write a speech:) it seems scary but it’s also such an honor and will be such a cherished memory between you and the bride. Follow this structure if you’re stuck:

  1. Introduce yourself and your relationship with the bride
  2. A brief background of how long you’ve known the couple, bride, or groom
  3. A brief story from the past
  4. Special words about the bride and groom
  5. Special words about the relationships
  6. Wishes for the future


  1. Mentioning any Exes
  2. Cursing  
  3. Super Embarrassing stories
  4. Trying to Humiliate anyone (poke fun but don’t go too far)
  5. Talking about any lows in the relationship  
9) Distractor + Problem Solver

On the wedding day there is always something that doesn’t go perfectly to plan. Most of the time it's just little things that aren’t set up the exact way they were supposed to or someone is running a few mins late. For these little things and for the bigger issues that may arise, keep the brides head cleared and try distracting her, some issues she may not even need to know about… then try to fix the issue if you can!

10) Best Friend

This is probably an easy one if you’re the Maid of Honor, but just be the best friend you are. There’s a reason she picked you as the Maid of Honor!

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