Tips on when the weather doesn't go your way on your Wedding Day


May 26, 2022

We here at Osage House are very used to rain, freezing temperatures, snow, sleet, extreme heat etc. and know how stressful it can be on a bride and family members the day of the wedding. Since weather can always show up unannounced you might want to take a peak at some of our tips for when the weather doesn’t go your way on your wedding day.

Tip 1) Hire a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator

-This is a BIG help on your wedding day whether the weather is behaving or not! Take a look at our preferred vendors list to find yourself a Planner/Coordinator! Keep in mind a lot of Planners also have Day of Coordination packages if you aren’t interested in a Full Wedding Planning package.

Tip 2) Have a plan ABC

-You can never be too prepared on your wedding day. Honestly we say the more plans the merrier ;) But really, make sure to have at least a plan B for everything and make sure you, your mom, and your planner/coordinator are all on the same page with these plans.

Tip 3) Have a designated decision maker

-Wedding days can get overwhelming and stressful very quickly if you don’t have someone taking charge. Whether it’s your wedding planner/coordinator, your mom, your maid of honor, whoever it is make sure to have a designated decision maker (&listen to them!!)

Tip 4) Provide materials to help with the weather

-Incase of weather that is bearable (i.e. not a Monsoon or Blizzard, etc.) you may consider providing some materials that will help you and your guests get through the weather. Think cute fans with your monogram on it, blankets that match your colors, clear umbrellas for that elegant vibe, that sort of stuff!

Tip 5) Remember it’s about WHO you are marrying not WHERE you are getting married

-Lastly, and we can’t say this loud enough, remember why your getting married in the first place! It’s about who you are marrying not about where your wedding takes place OR what it even looks like. I know that sounds controversial for us to say but seriously it’s the truth!

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