11 Must Knows about Osage House Event Venue


Apr 4, 2023

If you can’t tell by now we love 2 things: love & hosting big parties!! However there are some rules that come along when hosting these big events & what better place to talk about them than here on our blog! 

1) All food being served to our guests must be prepared by a licensed and/or insured company or person

2) Vendors and couples are required to provide event and/or business insurance. For our couples we will send a link to purchase this. If you are a vendor email us and we can help answer any questions you may have about this!

3) We have tables and chairs on site! See the breakdown below: 

The Osage House Hall:

30 60' rounds

6 6 foot banquets

4 8 foot banquets

12 cocktail

2 5ft long bars

6 48' rounds

240 Chairs

The Reserve at Osage House:

15 60' rounds

2 6 foot banquets

150 Chairs

The Chapel:

13 pews on each side of the aisle

The aisle is 66 feet long and roughly 6 feet wide

4) You may arrive at 9am and guest must leave by 11pm

5) The bridal suite is not wheelchair accessible

6) Clean up is until 1am. See below for what clean means:

All personal belongings, decorations, linens, and anything you brought or vendors brought must be removed. The rooms should be left how you found it that morning- just chairs and tables!

7) We require security but this is booked through Osage- fees do apply

8) You can DIY your own decor, linens, florals, etc. however if you are wanting to hang anything the person in charge of hanging an item must provide proof of insurance.

9) No confetti, rice, or bird seed!

10) No cash bars & no shots

11) You may use Painters tape, zip ties, or coated wire to attach items to our pews or other spaces.

We hope posting these here helps eliminate any confusion when you see these rules in our contract or meet with us for a tour! If you have any more questions please email info@osagehouse.com so we can help! Happy wedding planning :) 

Cover Image by Julia Stroud Photography

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