The Tiny Moments


Mar 22, 2021

Wedding days are all about two people coming together in unity and celebrating with the people they love most. There are so many things that go into making your wedding day the most perfect day for the two of you but most of the times the saying “it’s the little things” really holds true on your special day. It’s the little things... like when mom helps you into your dress, when dad helps tie your tie, your bridesmaid’s tears when they see you in your dress, or when dad looks at you and tells you how beautiful you look-- these are the moments that make the day… and let’s not forget when big brother gives you the hug of approval. When the day comes you may feel the need to stress about the big ticket items but i’ll be honest, you will cherish the intimate moments of your first looks, your walk down the aisle, and hugs from your loved ones more than that specific type of flowers you just have to have or the perfect table setting that took you days to decide on how exactly you want the napkins folded. Trust me, the looks of your wedding certainly plays a key role in making your day but it’s not the end all be all...i’ll just show you what is.
Above Photo: Louise+CoPhotography
Above Photo: CorrieChildersPhotography

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