Tesori Bridal-Wedding Dress Advice

Dec 10, 2021

Continuing with our Wedding Dress advice below you will find advice from Tesori Bridal!

You've got the ring and now it's time to begin the dress shopping process that is always exciting, sometimes daunting and just a little overwhelming at times but that's why Tesori Bridal has the very best tips before you start shopping that will make finding the dress of your dreams a little bit easier!

1. First things first... don't start TOO early:  We recommend dress shopping no earlier than about a  year out from your big day! This ensures you are ready to find THE ONE and cuts down on overshopping which can truly just create confusion.

2. Do your research: Bring out the pinterest photos you've been saving and show your bridal consultant. This allows your stylist to truly get an idea of your overall vision and personal style.

3. Be thoughtful on who you bring to your appointment: We love a good party but sometimes too many people can not only overwhelm the bride and take focus off the task at hand which is finding the dress. Bring your people that will respect your personal style and give you honest feedback.

4. Keep an open mind: Like we said, we love when brides have inspo before they shop but it's also important to be open minded when it comes to dress shopping! Dresses are pretty on the hanger and even prettier when they are on a body so don't be scared to try a few things out of your comfort zone.

5. Set a budget: We know talking about things like budget can feel weird but it's a topic we discuss with all of our brides. Be sure to have a budget in mind before you shop - That way your consultant can help you find gowns that you not only love but feel comfortable with the price tag too. It's also important to know the price points of bridal shops you schedule an appointment with so you know exactly what to expect before your appointment.

6.  Trust your bridal consultant: Ultimately, your bridal consultant wants you to find the gown YOU like and will have your best interest in mind when it comes to finding the perfect gown! Not only does the consultant want you to have the best experience but they are helping you find the dress you LOVE and sometimes guest tend to be biased (even if they don't mean to be!) of what they would want out of a gown. We always say that brides shopping at Tesori leave with their dream dress and their new best friends because bridal consultants really just want to make sure the bride is happy!

7. Don't stress over the size: Bridal sizing is completely different than your regular every day clothes and most brides will typically order 2-3 sizes bigger than what you wear in streetwear. We also like to note that every designer is different when it comes to the size chart so what size you would wear in 1 designer may be completely different in another. The most important thing is to focus on the dress size that will fit you best and once it arrives the seamstress will tailor it to you to achieve that perfect fit. In fact, almost every gown will require alterations.

When you are in the shop trying on gowns it's also important to note that most sample gowns will be around a size 12 - thankfully, we have clips and a lot of tricks up our sleeves to help the bride envision what the gown would look like in the correct size.

8. Wear the correct undergarments: We recommend wearing bra and panties that match your skin tone so you don't see them through the dress - seamless or thong underwear is always best! If you feel like you will want to wear shape wear on your big day bring those things to your appointment so you can try on with dresses at your appointment.

9. Get glam for your appointment: Do your hair and makeup before your appointment so when you are trying on you can get an overall feel of what you would look like on your wedding day. This helps brides envision themselves as THE BRIDE!

10: HAVE FUN: The most important thing in our book is to relax and have fun! Bridal dress shopping is one of the most exciting things about wedding planning so soak up the moment.

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