She Said Yes Bridal- Wedding Dress Advice


Nov 23, 2021

Wedding dress shopping can be one of the most exciting, nerve racking, and stressful days.. or weeks of your life. So we decided to reach out to a couple of our favorite bridal boutiques to hopefully help you in this journey! Below you will find advice from She Said Yes Bridal.

Newly engaged?  Most importantly, CONGRATS!  As you begin to think about dress shopping, here are a few tips to keep in mind to help make the most of your experience and to have a lot of fun along the way.

1.  Keep your “I Do Crew” smaller (ideally 3-4 guests)!  It’s tempting to invite all of your bridesmaids and close family to shop however that can get overwhelming really quick.  We all have opinions on what we like (and don’t like) and if you aren’t careful you might find yourself trying to find something everyone agrees on versus what YOU really love.  That is why a smaller group is usually best.  Also, you can include the rest of your people by having them involved in other ways, for example hosting a dress reveal when your gown arrives!

2. Have an idea for how you want to FEEL on your wedding day for example “boho glam”…“princess”...“classic and timeless”...ect!  As we try styles on the “gown” you had in mind might change (for example wanting fitted but loving an a-line)...the good news HOW you want to feel usually stays the same!

3.  When you don’t want to take a gown off that is ALWAYS a good sign.  Not everyone cries.  Not everyone “just knows” and in fact that can put additional pressure on you that you are supposed to feel a certain way…when really that feeling can be different for everybody based on our personalities.  So scratch that!  When you put a gown on and you don’t want to take it off…you are looking at every angle thinking ”HECK YEAH!  I look good!!”  That is a very strong sign that you may be standing in YOUR DRESS!

Remember at the end of the day...after all of the planning and finalizing the details that you will be walking down the aisle to YOUR person!  For more tips and sneak peeks of gowns we have in store check us out on instagram @shesaidyesbridal or our website www.shesaidyesbridal.com.  Happy shopping!

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