Out with the Old, In with the New


Dec 22, 2021

You heard it here first, folks!! Out with the old and in with the newwwww! As 2021 winds down and we roll into 2022 were talking about things we think should wind down with 2021 and things we think should roll in with 2022!! *Please note these are just for fun, no matter what you decide to do on your wedding day- Make it YOU and enjoy every bit of it! We promise it'll still be beautiful and we will LOVE it!

Things to wind down with 2021

-Sparkler Exits

-Wedding Guest Favors

-White and Blue color palette

-Pampas Grass

-Garter Toss


-Sweatheart Tables

Things to roll in with 2022

-Custom Dance floors

-Floating Centerpieces

-Soft Seating

-Late Night Passed Apps

-Ceremony Exits

What do you guys think?? What are some things you guys think should stay in 2021?!

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