Bridesmaid Dresses are out!


Oct 6, 2022

We're calling it now! Bridesmaid dresses are out!

Here’s what we mean by this: the long matching chiffon bridesmaid dresses that we are used to seeing are no longer “on trend.” We are seeing more and more unique bridesmaid dresses and lots of brides are giving their girls a color scheme and letting them choose their own dress! To be honest we’re pretty excited about this new trend and here’s why:

  1. Allowing your girls to choose their own dresses allows them to feel 100% comfortable while standing in front of others and being in tons of important photos
  2. Versatility !! If your girls pick their own dresses instead of wearing the typical bridesmaid dress they are more likely able to wear the dress again!
  3. This shows your girls personality! The girls who have stood by you and helped form you are able to show a little piece of themselves on your big day!
  4. THE LOOK!! Of course this is on our list! Different dresses gives your photos texture and lots of fun personality!

Here are some of our favorite nontraditional bridesmaid dresses!

Laura Powers Photography
Marissa Nicole Photo
Alyssa Simpson Photos
Maggie Moriah Photography

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