How to choose the perfect wedding colors


Jul 14, 2022

Choosing your wedding colors tends to go one of two ways- either you know exactly what you want and won’t budge OR you have so many ideas because Instagram and Pinterest like to show you way to many things that you're in a never ending cycle of “oh that would be so pretty” “oh wait, I like that too” “ohhhhh what about this one honey.” The thing is anything you choose will be beautiful its just narrowing down all the voices and images in your head!

First things first: What are you and your fiancés favorite colors? Each of you choose one color that you both love- doesn’t have to be specifically in weddings, just your general favorite color.

Second: Choose a color from a location that is very special to you.

Third: Choose a color that symbolizes something important to you.

Lastly: Either mute these colors into a more pastel tone or give them a more vibrant tone for bold colors!

This way all the colors of your wedding will have a special meaning and you’ll be able to look back on them and appreciate the meaning behind your wedding colors!

Fiancé’s favorite color: Blue

My favorite color: Purple

Location: We got engaged at the beach during sunset, we chose yellow to represent the sun.

Symbolism: Green which symbolizes growth, we hope to grow together as a married couple.

We chose vibrant jewel tones of these colors for bold colors rather than pastel.

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