A new favorite 2022 wedding trend


Aug 11, 2022

Sometimes it seems wedding trends change faster than social media algorithms other times they tend to stick around for years on years. This past year we’ve noticed a trend that elevates your wedding vibe without breaking the bank! 👏👏 Champagne Towers!!

Photographer: Courtney Garrett

Here are some tips to help you build the perfect champagne tower!

  1. - Make sure to get the “coupe” style of glasses not the champagne “flute” glasses
  2. - If using plastic make sure to attach the top as evenly as possible
  3. - The rim of the glasses much touch
  4. - Follow this pattern: 1 glass on the top, 4 on the next tier below it, 9 on the next tier, 16 on the tier below that, and then 25 on the tier below that.
  5. - You can either leave all the glasses empty and pour the champagne into the top glass so it eventually overflows into the next OR you can fill the glasses slightly leaving the top glass empty-this way the glasses fill quicker. When you leave all the glasses empty it will take significantly longer to fill the glasses.
  6. - In order to calculate how much champagne you need add up how many glasses you have multiplied by how many ounces the glasses hold.
  7. - Make sure to take into consideration how tall you are vs. the table and champagne tower. You don’t want your tower to be so big that you have to reach over the  coupe glasses!
Photographer: Zach and Rosalie

If you’re interested in having a champagne tower at your wedding we’ve already done the hard work for you! We’ve linked multiple sources for you to either rent or buy coupe glasses for your champagne tower below!

To Buy:

Amazon Coupes

Pink Coupes

Clear Coupes (12 Pack)


To Rent:


Party Pro Rents

Photographer: B Creative
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