Dreamy Wedding Cakes at Osage House


Mar 4, 2021

In all weddings you will find there is always something that seems to be the showstopper of it all...for some it may be the dress, for others maybe the florals, but for many it's the CAKE. Your wedding cake should not only taste delicious but also look like 1 million bucks (but most definitely not cost that much!). All our weddings here at Osage House have had amazing cakes but we wanted to showcase some of our favorites for inspiration. Take a look through these amazing wedding cakes for your own wedding! But don’t forget to add your own flare to your cake to make it you!

Dried Florals

Photo: Caitlin Wilson Photography Cake: Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe Florals: Samantha's Garden

First things first...dried florals!!! One of the new styles--that boho feel-- incorporates dried florals and we are here for it! It certainly isn't for everyone but for that boho bride this is definitely the way to go.

Pops of Color

Photo: TJ Stansbury Photography Cake: Rick's Bakery

Simple with a pop of color and a touch of gold!! If you're looking for a simple yet different wedding cake this is certainly a vibe for you. Instead of the typical white cake with some florals add a pop of your favorite wedding color to change things up a bit!


Photo: Jo Johnson Photography Cake: The Cake Occasion Florals: Pigmint Floral Studio

I'll say it... WOW these florals are A+++++++++, is there even a cake in there? If you’re like me and are all about the florals on your wedding day this look may just hit the nail right on the head for you!


Photo: Eugene Grace Cake: Rick's Bakery Florals: Meus Florals

The different shaped cake… This is such a cute and unique way to change things up and still keep things simple. I love love love this square cake, such a great way to keep your wedding cake unique to you and it’s something we don’t see very often!

A Floating Cake

Photo: Jo Johnson Photography Cake: Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe Florals: Tanarah Luxe Floral

The floating cake...How cool is this!! No I have no idea how they do this but I am all for it! If you're going to have lots of greenery I suggest trying this out! It adds some personalization, uniqueness, and a way to add some more greenery to your vibe!

The Cake Table

Photo: Corrie Childers Cake: Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe Florals: Pigmint Florals

This cake table… it’s magnificent!! Once again, if you're a floral fanatic like me this is another option for you! ALSO if you're planning on using an arch for your ceremony background, adding a mini arch with the same florals is the PERFECT way to tie it all together!

The Not Really Cake Cake

Photo: Louise + Co Cake: Hand Made

Don’t like cake?!? How about cheesecake? If you're not one for cake here’s something you may want to try--Don’t be afraid to mix it up! When a cheesecake looks this good… who wouldn’t want to eat it...or maybe it’s too pretty to look at! Either way it’s sure to be a showstopper!

Wether you're designing a big elaborate cake or keeping it simple as can be, remember: it's YOUR wedding day. Make sure to check all of your boxes instead of worrying about others.